Summer Programs

Ages Infant Through Pre-K

Summer at Lamb of God Early Childhood Center is filled with weekly themes, frequent crafts in-house field trips , Splash days (don’t forget your child’s swim suit and towel), and frequent review of subjects which were taught during the traditional school year. For the most part, summer classes look very much like the classes during the fall and spring, with a few exceptions.
Due to lower enrollment during the summer, we typically consolidate same-age classrooms (i.e. combine all two’s into one classroom with the same for three’s and four’s.) While a few of our teachers elect to take the summer off, your child can expect to see the same loving faces they saw throughout the school year. Our hours of operation remain the same; 6:30am-6:00p.m.


Camp SWAG is a Summer program for children who have completed Kindergarten through those who have completed 5th Grade (roughly ages 6-11 years old.)